Saturday, 20 August 2011

The 1950's "sticky-out dress"!

     For me there is nothing to lift the spirits sooner, than to have a gleeful glance at some pictures of what I call, "sticky-out dresses"! 
     The 1950's style is so inspirational for me; the feminine lines of the cinched in waist contrasting with the extra fullness of the skirt. 
     I suppose the fact that it is so flattering to any body shape makes the style so universally appealing; the smallness of the waist being exaggerated by the wonders and slight mystery of the feminine undergarments. The all important "rigid frame" help the shaping of the dress to sit smoothly, which aids good posture as well! Who could not feel feminine, swooshing about in a dreamy fashion, whilst conjuring up images of Audrey Hepburn?! It's beside the point that you can't breathe deeply, or touch your toes for that matter! 
     I think that now it is the timeless style that has become a classic. Even if you choose not to have the full netted skirts underneath the dress, a cotton dress cut to the same shape would still have a similar effect and become "the go to dress".
     Here are just a few examples of the beauty of the 1950's dress:


  1. Hello Edwina:
    Yes, we love these 1950s dresses too and a shop in Brighton [sadly no more] used to stock very similar items. In our possession is a black and white polka dot 1950s style dress, complete with net underskirt for extra 'sticky-outness'. The only alarming thing is the frighteningly large size that one must have in order that both the waist and the bust can be accommodated!!

  2. LOVE!!!! Such inspiration, these photos make me want to go and make some:)

    x x x x