Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I'm Hooked on Crochet!

I am truly in danger of becoming a crochet obsessive! I first learnt to crochet years ago from a family friend and absolutely adored it at the time, but got no further than a multi-coloured granny square! A skip and a jump further in time to now - I have picked up my crochet hook again once more, and thanks to the wonders of YouTube, have re-learnt . Sadly, the years in between, I remember on various occasions coming across my crochet hook, turning it between my fingers whilst wishing that I could remember how to use it ! 
     Everywhere I look at the moment I see something that has been crocheted, even a tablecloth that my Mum found that was crocheted by my Great Grandparents! Then the other day my Grandma, (who we affectionately call 'Queenie', as she has a resemblance to the queen!) came for a visit and brought her mothers old sewing things . Beautiful cotton reels, threads still vivid in colour as they had been kept in a suitcase for years, her thimble and stitch picker ... so much more too! 
     A large bag of buttons that was so exciting to spill out onto a wooden tray and have a rummage through, I find them so inspirational for further projects, which are buzzing merrily around in my head . I still adore buttons from my love of them as a child, viewed as treasure, they conjure up images of "The Borrowers", and especially that beloved childhood programme "Button Moon"!   (I'm wanting to do some photography of it all and shall blog about it when I do. ) 
     One of the items that also thrilled me was my Great Grandma's crochet hook! It must be in the family! My Nanny told me that her mother would see a beautiful little dress in a shop window and then go home and copy the design in a crochet creation for my Nanny. 
     I've been crocheting a beret, following along the YouTube video with some success, although when I came to compare sizes, mine appears to have grown rather larger than the ladies in the video, even though she was using a larger hook - hers is bordering on a neat beanie - whereas mine is more like the size of a tam o'shanta for Big - Foot ! 
     At least my enthusiasm is still retained and am eager to learn more stitches and start further projects !

The links to the beret tutorial :

Here are some beautiful crochet creations that I find so inspiring!! 
I hope that you enjoy them too!

(this photo of baby booties should come with a cuteness warning!)