Friday, 19 August 2011

Contour Those Cheeks!

(Rimmel Special Eyes Duo Eye Shadow - 324 Cream Caramel) 

     I've been striving for quite a while now to find the ideal contour powder. I stumbled upon this eye shadow duo by chance and thought that I'd try them for a contour and highlight. They're ideal! No shimmer, just a natural sheen that goes really well on top of my mineral foundation. 
     The darker colour in particular is an excellent shade, as it's very nude/cool undertones work really well on my pale skin. I've found that some in the past have been rather too warm. So although I've been using this product for something that it wasn't intended for, I'm incredibly happy! 
     I realise that this is one of their older lines, and haven't plucked up the courage to see whether Rimmel still make it, but there are still plenty of older ones floating around on other beauty sites.

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