Saturday, 24 December 2011

Inspirational Winter Makeup!

When I think of Winter-inspired makeup, (after getting over the initial  rush of excitement at the thought of being wrapped up in cosy jumpers and thick socks!) it conjures up the cooler colour palettes; blues, greys cooler browns and taupes. Sparkly textures, metallic eyes, frosted finishes, dewy skin, gently flushed cheeks, luscious lashes, nude lips and for the evening a redder, darker lip.
     After having the central heating on, combined with the colder air from outside, all of the natural moisture is sucked out of our skin, which plays havoc with the way foundations sit on the skin. This is when I try to concentrate more on my moisturiser, day and night, I usually add a little more than I usually would the other times of the year. I use, and highly recommend, Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre Moisturiser as it is very light and gentle for sensitive skin, but is so effective and can even be used directly before my foundation and doesn't effect the coverage or finish. What I also love is that you only need a little at a time, so it lasts for months.
     I've put together a collection of makeup looks that make me think of those Winter months and that inspire me with their beauty. I've left my favourite makeup image until last, and have given my reasons for why it is my  most favoured type of makeup!
I hope that you enjoy!!


I wanted to end with my favourite makeup look. I think that this image is absolutely beautiful. The application of the makeup is flawless. The photo had the caption, "Winter Makeup for Brides", and I can see why it could be a popular choice, as the makeup is an enhancement of natural beauty. 
     The flawless skin, subtle contouring for shape, the lightly applied eyeliner and the framing of the eyes by lengthened lashes (especially longer at the outer corner for that winged-out effect) just make her eyes shine out and look so beautiful. 
     The focus of the whole look is all about the eyes, so crisp and blue. I really love this type of makeup application, as it would suit every lady. The foundation is crisp and clean, (the wonders of concealer...blemishes and pigmentation, be gone!) the eyebrows are well groomed and frame the face, but especially draw attention again to her beautiful eyes. The soft and subtle pink lips is another favourite, as is so soft and delicate, but also practical, as the bride wouldn't have to be too concerned about touch-ups like she would if she had a red lip, and could enjoy her special day! I hope that you've enjoyed the images and find the as inspiring as I have!!


  1. Those eye make up looks are pretty incredible! I must say I love the background on your blog, such a beautiful pattern :) xx

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm pleased that you liked the makeup looks! The pattern on the background of my blog is one of my favourites of William Morris. Called 'Pimpernel' from 1876.

  3. What eyes so beautiful, what beautiful faces, what a wonderful blog. Congratulations ^.^ Sorry for my bad English. Kisses!

  4. Thank you Ana! Your English is perfect! :) Thank you for leaving your kind comment and for following my blog! Take care! :)