Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring Makeup!

     Ok, so I finally have to admit that it's spring here in sunny England, which sets me to thinking about a slight change to my makeup routine, so that I can embrace this new season! When I think of spring-inspired makeup, I immediately picture bright, fresh skin, a pinky blush to the cheeks, lashy lashes and a soft mouth. Basically, in a nutshell, fresh, simple makeup.

     The place to start first, even before we pick up that brush or pencil, is with the skin. Just as we start to discard our layers of clothing to embrace the warm spring sun, I think that it is so important to give your skin a bit of special attention to refresh it. We've had months of central heating sucking the natural moisture from the skin, harsh winter weather and generally being battered by the elements. A little self-indulgence is called for! A gentle exfoliation, maybe a clay mask to draw out the impurities in the skin, cleanse, tone and especially moisturise - why not even give your skin some love with a nourishing moisture mask?! Then what you're left with is a fresh faced beauty!

     With the light becoming brighter,  (no more hiding behind the fog or snow flurries), I think that any makeup that is then applied will not only sit better on the skin, but will also look flawless.

 If I had to pick one picture from the rest here that really makes me think of spring makeup, then it is the image below. The soft dewy skin, a well blended pink flush that looks so beautiful but natural at the same time; as though she's been sitting in the warmth of the sun.  
    The eyes are softly defined - no dramatic liner! Maybe a kohl pencil smudged slightly at the root of the lashes, not only making the lashes appear thicker but also frame the eyes so well. Contoured through the crease in a mid-tone brown shadow for depth and what looks like the same shadow blended under the eye as well to make the eyes appear larger. Well shaped, groomed brows that again frame the eyes and a delicate pinky hue to the mouth. So pretty as the makeup just enhances her features and allows her natural beauty to shine through.

     I absolutely adore the two images above and below! I love a smoky eye but what I love about these two images is that it is a much softer version of a the classic black or darkest grey smoky eye. The cooler tones of the brown (in the image above) blended softly into the gradual haze of grey is a beautiful alternative and much fresher for spring. The even lighter taupe alternative (in the image below) is another stunning choice. The shimmer in the shadow reflects the light and the base of the lashes is delicately defined too. Both are excellent options for the springtime!

     For you wonderful ladies that like to sport a stronger lip might like to try this slightly softer version from the image above. It is still a statement lip, but the lipstick shade above has a slight softer feel about it for springtime. I wish I knew the name of the lipstick used in the photo, as the shade is so beautiful! 

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