Saturday, 17 March 2012

* Thoughts of Winnie *

    I was listening to the sound of children coming out of school and it set me to thinking about sounds that are timeless. Sounds, that if you plucked them out of any point in time it would be recognisable to us and them. The sound of children playing, laughter - a baby's laugh or cry. Whispered words. A contented sigh. Birdsong, singing, the dawn chorus. The sound of rain falling or thunder. Snow as it falls, sizzling then kissing the ground in a hushed whisper. If you lie really still with your head under water, you can hear your heart beating. Snoring.

     It then got me thinking about sounds that we hear everyday, but don't actually hear anymore. We have a soundtrack to our day - birdsong, the wind rustling through the trees, traffic, a ticking clock. I thought about how you could go about describing the sound of water dripping off your fingertips to someone who had been deaf since birth. Then if they could suddenly hear perfectly (after getting over the initial shock of sound) could they hear better than you? Until they too begin to have their own background track...

     Anyway, it was just a collection of thoughts!


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